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Cypripedium Ventricosum Pastel

Height 35-45 cm   Blooming time May
Flower size: medium

A wonderful hybrid with ivory-coloured flowers is Ventricosum Pastel, an interesting colour variation of Ventricosum. Depending on year and specimen you may find smaller parts of red on the petals. The broad leaves and the strong stem make it an extraordinarily stable lady’s slipper for the garden which can withstand even strong rain or wind. This hybrid grows 35-45 cm (14-18 in) high and forms impressive clumps within a few years. Of course it is absolutely hardy and needs no frost protection during winter.

Ventricosum Pastel flower

Ventricosum Pastel clump

Ventricosum Pastel clump

Ventricosum Pastel in the garden    Ventricosum Pastel in the garden

Information regarding care can be found in our planting instructions.